Everyone needs a financial plan

At some point you will be responsible for your own money. If that is not currently the case for you, here are some ideas to help get your financial plan in order. Retirement fund. Saving for retirement is crucial. Even small amounts can go towards U.S. savings bonds or mutual funds with an automatic savings plan. […]

Changing marital status? What you need to do

Have you recently married, divorced, or lost a spouse? A change in marital status should prompt a review of financial matters, but at such a time it is easy to overlook the details. Here are a few reminders and suggestions. Insurance coverage. When your marital status changes, review your insurance policies. Combining separately held health insurance […]


Here are 10 misconceptions about wills… MISCONCEPTION #1: Probate costs are small.  Wrong!  Attorney’s fees for even a simple probate often reach $5,000 to $10,000. MISCONCEPTION #2: Your will and your assets remain private.  Not so!  Probate is a matter of public record which means your file is open to anyone. MISCONCEPTION #3: A will […]