How to choose the right payroll provider for your business

Let’s be honest—most payroll companies seem like they’re doing the same thing. That’s why it’s SUPER overwhelming to figure out which company to go with. Beyond looking at the basic features and price tag, what else makes a payroll service stand out? Let’s walk through the four most important things to ask yourself when choosing […]

The 5 Most Common Payroll Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Every small business owner will eventually have to deal with payroll as they grow their business. Here are the five most common mistakes seen small business owners make with payroll, and how you can avoid getting tripped up by them. Payroll taxes This is the biggest and potentially most dangerous mistake you can make with […]

Understanding Payroll Taxes

Update as of August 11, 1:00pm, ET: President Trump signed an executive memo on August 8, 2020 that calls for a deferral of payroll taxes for employees. To understand how this may affect your business or your team read Gusto’s analysis of the Payroll Tax Deferral Executive Memorandum. Please note we use affiliate links to products for which […]