Switching Jobs? Here’s What To Do With Your 401(k).

Suppose you’re switching jobs if you were furloughed because of the pandemic or you’re simply searching for greener pastures. If you have a 401(k) from your soon-to-be former employer, you must decide what to do with your retirement account when you leave. Here are your four options: Leave the money in your previous employer’s pension […]

Credit card debt may be hazardous to your financial health

Have you been offered a credit card lately? The industry sends out billions of credit card offers each year, and the average household has several thousand dollars in credit card debt. Credit card companies make it very easy and very tempting to say “charge it.” Unfortunately, like so many tempting things, credit card debt can […]

Switching to QuickBooks Online is simple

Switching to QuickBooks Online is simple. Why QuickBooks Online? For more than 20 years, QuickBooks has been the industry standard for helping you stay organized. As well as getting paid faster without all the hassle and headache of manual accounting. Organized & in one place Real-time, accurate data Simple setup & management QuickBooks Online Simple […]